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*The Battlefield Barber Co. is a veteran-owned shop that prides itself in supporting our military.




Curtis is an Army veteran and Arizona native who has lived in Florence since 2005. He stumbled across the art of barbering by cutting his own son's hair in their bathroom, but it was after years of doing construction and public works that he finally decided to pursue his passion for it. His education and personal research of both the craft and its history led him to want to create his own venture that would combine the old-fashioned barbering experience with a modern twist. And so The Battlefield Barber Co. was born.


The name - The Battlefield Barber Co. - is an homage to his own time in the military and the veterans in his family. It also represents the brotherhood he experienced which is an inspiration for the community he wants to build within the shop. 


"I always wanted to create that old-school barber shop experience that focuses on the customer but also builds that kind of community," he explains. "I want to honor tradition but elevate the experience so haircuts to go from being something they have to do to something that people look forward to and actually enjoy." 


At his previous shop, Curtis' easygoing nature and dedication to quality quickly earned him several repeat customers and a reputation as one of the strongest barbers behind the chair. With every cut, trim, and shave he did, Curtis found that the satisfaction on a client's face when they first see themselves in the mirror was what he loved most about barbering. It also served as the motivation to make his vision for The Battlefield Barber Co. a reality. 

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